The Carside Commentaries

Cataloging the death, burial, and resurrection of my creativity and sense of humor.

Late To The Party

Erma Bombeck once said: “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything You gave me.’

Admittedly, I wasted a few years, but my misguided detour has given me a stockpile of stories that will keep me writing and laughing for years to come.

Come join me on the blog—but only IF you were born with a humor gene.

The Jaded Orator

“When I worked in health care, I was always having to slap my pesky humor imp back into subjection. No longer. I’m retired now and I’ve ditched the suffocating Stepford Wife persona. Today, I no longer sandbox my humor. Rather, when my humor imp starts getting rowdy, I hand her the microphone and memorialize what she has to say on digital media. Einstein said it best: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Life is good.

Paula Taylor

Invert Always Invert

I frittered away decades of my life managing doctors’ offices. That was until one day, like Jonah, I found myself vomited up on the sidewalk with seaweed wrapped around my head. So much for that ride to Ninevah, eh?   

An unexpected cataclysm occurred in my personal life and, as a result, my emotional brilliance (not!) got me drop-kicked through the goal posts of my long and successful career after I began making some rather impulsive stupid decisions. Yep, I sure did. Mea culpa. I own it.

While it was extremely unpleasant at the time, this whack up the side of the head with a reality two-by-four turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

The implosion of my marriage and the  demolition of my career was a God-sent win-win for all. I was compassionately ejected from two glaring mismatches—my choice of a life partner and my choice of career.  Without such Divine intervention, never would I have relinquished either entanglement on my own.

The medical practice I was managing came out a winner in that my absence gave them the opportunity to install a permanent CEO who matched their culture quite nicely. My runaway husband came out a winner in that he got what he wanted–a wild mid-life magic carpet ride with an old flame from high school who just happened to be waiting in the wings.

And a good time was had by all. LOL

Seriously though, I really did get the best end of the deal. Through this ordeal my persistent amnesia lifted and I managed to remember who I really was. I was jarred enough to recall that the Real Me is [and always has been] a playful Creative—not the boring Stepford Wife lemming I allowed myself to become.

With my future ‘freed up’ for me, I finally had the time to do the things I love: blogging, writing satire, designing websites, podcasting, making videos, and making editorial infographics and memes. 

After starting my adulthood at the age of seven when I had to take care of an invalid mother, I adopted a Pollyanna People Pleaser personality.

I’m happy to say that those days are over. I found my ‘voice’ and it’s equal parts Erma Bombeck, Dennis Miller, & Paul Harvey.

Who knew?!

So I guess Jacobi was right. Sometimes the best way to solve (what appears to be) a problem is to start with the worst case scenario and look at things backward through an inverted lens.

Worked for me.


Interviewer: What do you make at your last job? Me: Mostly mistakes and inappropriate comments.